4 Steps to Insure Your New Business Success

There is so much excitement when starting a new business, and along with it comes the stress of all the planning and the chaos of not knowing where to start sometimes. You’ve done your market research, got all your financing in place, secured a great commercial location, but unless you make sure the basics are looked after, your opening day can quickly be a disaster!

Here is a basic checklist of what you’ll need to consider to insure the launch of your new business venture goes smoothly.

Advertising and Marketing

The success of your new business venture will depend on how good your marketing plan is. You will want to have a solid marketing strategy in place to insure your products and services are well promoted. A digital marketing plan that promotes your business’s online presence is crucial in today’s competitive online market.

Naming Your Business

Your business should have a unique name that is easy to remember. The right name might also suggest the type of service or product that your provide. How you brand yourself will have a great effect on how successful your new business venture will be.

You will want to do an online name search to make sure you are not using a name that is the same or similar to another already in use. You will then need to register your new business name.

New Business Location

Choose your new business location in the GTA wisely. You will need to consider things such as demographics, traffic, zoning, and where your potential competition might be located. When you have found the best location and are ready to sign the lease, make sure the terms are suitable. Is the lease fixed or flexible? Will you or the property owner be responsible for any maintenance or repairs?

Setting Up Your New Business Location

Make sure you have notified all the utilities of your move-in date such as gas and hydro, water and sewer, and cable, phone and internet.

Check any plumbing, electric, HVAC concerns prior to moving in. You don’t want to be dealing with a burst pipe or a plugged drain right when you move in to your new space. If you are moving in on a day within the heating season, you will want to have the furnace serviced to insure it is in good working order prior to moving in. Often overlooked is the ductwork in a new commercial space. The only thing worse than your own dust, dirt and grime, is someone else’s!  Arrange for residential and commercial duct cleaning in the GTA for piece of mind.